At our Christmas Pie and Peas evening, we had a spinning top competition, with members making one on the night, or bringing one (or two ) along with them. There was considerable inventiveness, and not surprisingly, competitiveness, but overall a great sense of fun. A simple idea from Rob, but one which brought a chuckle for everyone, and a chance to be creative.

Lily set the bar high at first with her top, and at first it looked as though she would be unbeaten. However, there were one or two surprises to come. The overall winner was Stewart, but a special mention goes to Mick for the largest and most complex.

March Competition

As Easter approaches, our next competition is egg related. An egg, decorated, hollow, coloured – whatever takes your fancy – or an egg cup. Here are some ideas.

Our most recent competition was for a candle stick and we had an interesting natural edged version from Mick and a simple shaped candlestick from Ben, which was made for two woods expertly joined together.

These are the entries for the Christmas competition – a natural edged item. Congratulations to Trevor for two winning pieces!